Zarco is in, Abraham is out.

It is a bit surreal to view the news of the past 2 months regarding Zarco and his new ride. Here are some headlines, in mostly chronological order, interview style.

SpeedRival: Mr. Zarco, with baby Marquez the new rider for Honda are you now considering Avintia Ducati, and if not, what are your alternatives?

Zarco would rather go to Moto2 than join Avintia..

SpeedRival: Really! That is crazy that they are that bad. I mean, Moto2 isn’t bad, just that.. the viewer count. Ok.

MotoGP, Abraham: “Zarco wants my place? I have no intention of giving it to him.”

SpeedRival: Oh? I thought Zarco wanted to go to Moto2 instead of ride that “not a top team/machine” that you are on. Hmm. If you are 90% sure, that is nearly certain. Guess we’ll see you in 2020.

Abraham out of MotoGP, Avintia door opens for Zarco

SpeedRival: Erm. Ok that was awkward. But Mr. Zarco you say Avintia is not a “top team”. Are they desperate for you? Why did they boot Abraham? They actually had to break his contract the he had that would last through 2020..

MotoGP, Dall’Igna tempts Zarco: the door to Avintia Ducati is still open

SpeedRival: Is Dall’Igna good enough to tempt the all mighty Moto2 hopeful Zarco to ride their “not a top team bike” ?

Zarco: “Ducati convinced me!”

SpeedRival: Oh wow! Really! So wait.. what you REALLY meant to say with the start of all this was that “Avintia isn’t a top team YET, but they would/will be with ME, the GREAT ZARCO”

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