While getting ready for the 2019 of all things racing (especially the two wheel kind!) and looking for fast ways to find results of various races over the upcoming year I noticed something very odd. WorldSBK results and calendar information are actually hosted on MotoGP’s website. It’s hidden to most who don’t go looking for it. But it’s there. I guess it makes a little sense as I am fairly sure (even more so now) that Dorna (who owns MotoGP) also seems to own WorldSBK now. I’ll give some examples; you can actually check it out for yourself too.

The calendar for WorldSBK starts here:
And then if you click on say, Australia you end up here:
And if you watch the page load in google (or check under the sources link and dig a bit) you will notice:

HUH. I thought that was kind of odd for what is very much two different championships. But I guess I get it, kind of, from a resourcing perspective.

Then I was looking at MotoAmerica races and as SLC isn’t too far away I thought about maybe scheduling time to go check it out. But.. having just got done going through the calendar stuff on MotoGP and WorldSBK, I noticed that MotoAmerica is showing (at the moment at least) that they’ll be down in Texas over April 12-14th. Exactly the same time MotoGP will be.

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Needless to say, I don’t get it. I haven’t ever dug into how far Dorna’s reach/purchasing has taken it (They also own the F1 championship for those unaware. Also for those unaware F1 is owned by John Malone now. I’m not sure if that means that he ( John Malone’s Liberty Media ) owns Dorna or just F1)

What tangled webs are woven.