About Us!

The speedrival story is wrapped in the mist of time and shrouded in mystery.. well, no. Not at all.

One day a husband recently turned dad was sitting on the couch watching his newborn son sleep on the baby monitor while his wife slept. He started watching MotoGP races after seeing the movie "Fastest (2011)". That was the 2015 season which was VERY exciting indeed. So much so that his wife got hooked on the drama between baby faced Marquez and seasoned world champion Rossi. Of course the husband was cheering on Rossi for his 10th world title and his wife was cheering for Marquez. Thus two "rivals of speed" would sit next to each other on the couch after spending a morning avoiding their cell phones so as to not catch news of who won the race. From scraps of paper to excel spreadsheet with friends to website with even more friends.. here we are.

So .. how does it work?

Some fantasy leagues/sites take a lot of time to get your entries in. Not us.

It's quite simple really.

And that's it!

And den?

Well, and then when the race is over, you get points. Maybe even swag or a giftcard if you won.

Points Awarded Play Points for Span
3 1st place pick No
3 "The Wrecker" No
From 3 to 0 Any other positions Yes

Points for the Span

How does the spanning points work?

Per the above table, for example if you choose RacerA to be 10th and they finish 8th, you get 1 point. Or if they finish 11th you get 2 points; the scale slides both positive and negative from their final position. This does not apply to the wrecker or first place choice; those are all or nothing.